Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best Buy Updates App with QR Code Reader!

Best Buy has done it!! They are the FIRST retailer in the world to update their app with a QR code reader!! We have documented their support for QR codes in earlier posts but now they have taken it a BIG step further.

The newest catalog features a QR code on the cover (I was disappointed there weren't more)! What's different about this is the "Download Reader"   instructions direct users the the newest version of Best Buy's app, fresh with a QR code reader. This make me so happy!! {Video Coming}

Facebook next, PLEASE!!!


  1. This is the first of a true cross channel 1d/2d and invisible watermark program for Best Buy. We have also assisted them in implementing a 4 store pilot with QR codes on their 3 x 5 price cards. Stores are in NY, Chicago, Torrance, CA and Mall of America. There will be more exciting news from Best Buy and LaunchMedia coming soon.

  2. That's great to hear! Best Buy needs more PR on this!

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