Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tag Heuer and The Duratran Company Work To Service Macy's

The Duratran Company and Tag Heuer have been partners for over a year now. Together they have been servicing signage requests from the top retailers in the world. Through the Duratran Company's signage ordering platform, Tag Heuer can deliver custom duratrans, posters and window vinyls to their accounts FAST. How Fast? Most orders are shipped within 48 hours with many orders shipping the same day! Not only does The Duratran Company's signage order platform run robust reports to manage 1000's of their retailer's signage, it allows sales reps for Tag Heuer to place duratran orders under their own unsername and password for their accounts. This cuts out an enormous step in the process creating a faster, smoother experience. When the visual managers for Tag Heuer log in they can see the signage requests from their sales reps and with one click can forward them on to The Duratran Company. This is an outstanding system that is about to get better.

Today the companies announced that they would be adding the department store giant Macy's into the mix. Macy's will have direct access to The Duratran Company's order platform to place Tag Heuer visual requests. "This it going to help everyone" said Casey Ford, CEO. "Macy's will enjoy incredible service and Tag Heuer will enjoy more sales.

Visuals are often overlooked by brand managers as a key ingredient to effective retail marketing. Tag Heuer acknowledges the importance of this and are encouraging retailers such as Macy's to order products that will assist sales of Tag Heuer watches. They understand that "1 size fits all" signage doesn't work and you have to be flexible when fielding requests. The Duratran Company gives Tag Heuer that advantage.


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