Tuesday, November 23, 2010

QR Codes Are Fast For TAG Heuer in WIRED Magazine

WIRED Magazine readers are probably the best audience for QR codes in these early stages. Check out the picture and video of a TAG Heuer QR Code scan from an ad in the December issue of WIRED Magazine. QR Codes are lightning fast, anyone who disputes this is a "rah-tard" and needs to check the vid below.


  1. Glad you posted this! On the page opposite the Tag Heuer ad, Wired, presents its "100 Things We Want" article. The logo of the article is made to look like a QR code, but if its meant to be a working code, I'm unable to get it to resolve on several QR readers. Not sure if this is due to the glossiness of the page, the "faded" areas of the code...or if it's not an actual working codea at all. Any idea?

  2. @Donald You are totally right lol I noticed the SAME thing! Those are NOT QR codes at all though.