Sunday, February 14, 2010

Build Social Voice InThe Retail Enviroment With Mobile Content

Retailers need to wake up and smell the roses. I don't get it! Instead of RUNNING from the wireless/mobile revolution, they need embrace it! Give it a big sloppy kiss!

Brands and Retailers that sell out of physical (brick and mortar) locations have opportunities unlike ANYONE in this new era of social marketing. Think about it, shoppers are now carrying around the internet in their pockets! Give them the opportunity to share YOUR content while they are in the store! Target products and allow them to easily become a fans on Facebook from their phones. Walking into a retail store should be like stepping on the moon, a galaxy of wireless content swirling. The possibilities are endless.

Retailers need to create a wireless information superhighway within their walls, beaming with Wi-Fi and mobile engagement touch points such as QR codes. Give shoppers digital content to take with them or share on social networking sites. THIS is the future the the retail environment. ENGAGE the mobile user! MOBILE MOBILE MOBILE. I'm out of breath.

The"connected" shopper can be lethal for your brand if you can harness their power. GAME CHANGER. Call them Mr and Mrs Viral. Focus on creating digital content that they can share from the store and you won't regret it. NO, I'm NOT talking about apps!

There is a HUGE reason that we haven't seen retailers latch on to this concept! It hasn't been EASY enough to create the type of mobile content needed to engage the shopper. Tappinn is a platform for retailers to create/publish unique mobile web pages (Smart Sites) FAST and EASY using QR codes as hyperlinks in the physical world. Mobile advertising is too focused on apps right right now. Marketing is all about delivering the EXACT message ant the EXACT time. Creating "Smart Sites" for products for the retail environment that can be updated and managed is the only way to deliver VALUABLE FRIENDABLE SHAREABLE content to shoppers so they will engage with you in the future while sharing you in the present.


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