Monday, February 8, 2010

TappInn QR Code "Smart Site" Platform

TappInn is the first online Mobile Ad Content/ QR-Code Deployment Platform. Create and publish authentic, mobile "Smart Sites" instantly! "Smart Sites or (Smart Ads)" are targeted, unique pages that can be accessed through QR codes on mobile smartphone devices. These sites are spam free, most are location based with unique information exclusive to the location. The content is fast, simple and easily shareable on social networks. Manage and track robust campaigns with 1000's of codes and pages. Create catalogs of mobile "Smart Sites" for product packaging and displays. TappInn makes it refreshingly easy to create and clone QR codes w/ (smart sites) on all forms of physical media, especially print. The platform is designed to create smart mobile content, run robust analytics and engage the world with QR codes.

Wireless broadband internet teamed with the evolution of the smartphone, has opened the doorto a NEW consumer. This "connected" consumer will engage heavily with QR codes in the retail environment or wherever they are prevalent. Web-based smartphones are selling like crazy and will only continue. Brands need to focus on delivering content to mobile devices! PERIOD. Banner ads and apps will NOT be the future of mobile advertising. Connecting physical and digital through QR codes and "Smart Sites" will enable the consumer to do more with your content and ultimately be the driver of YOUR brand message.


  1. Fantastic post. Learn how to incorporate QR codes in your web apps to deliver quick information directly to your users' mobile device

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