Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TappInn QR Codes Wake Up Print Advertising

Print is DEAD. I'm sure you've all heard. DON'T BELIEVE IT! Print is NOT dead but the advertising revenue model IS! Wireless connectivity has evolved to where it can HELP magazines and newspapers if they are SMART. Sure, there is far less print media distributed today that there was 10 years ago. Sure, ad revenue from print has plummeted. Sure, the internet is everywhere. SURE SURE SURE. Let me tell you my friends, PRINT will be a cornerstone of the NEW "anywhere" media revolution. Call it a physical PROP in a virtual world. Print will be the dominate carrier of QR codes and other forms of technology to that will help market to the emerging mobile culture. Augmented reality and QR codes all need touchpoints to reach the masses and PRINT will offer that, in droves. Once print advertisers can find ways to interact with smartphone users via the mobile web they will open the door to all kinds of opportunities to create "viral print". Click-able print hasn't existed until now. Advertisers need to focus on engaging magazine readers by offering them value by digging deeper and engaging the ad with their mobile smartphone. Think about giving readers the ability to SHARE your ad from a magazine in a supermarket. Connecting mobile digital content with physical media is what TappInn is all about. www.tappinn.com

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