Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Smart Sites and QR Codes For Every Mobile OS Platform. Most Apps are CRAP.

Apps aren't the answer for MOST brands when it comes to mobile advertising. If you are considering investing in an app for your brand as the future of YOUR mobile advertising initiatives, STOP! Mobile content needs to be formatted for ALL mobile devices. Apps are cool but involve way too much time and money to develop and are often agency FLUFF. Consumer brands need to put their effort towards CONTENT. Not only that, they need to focus their efforts on a much broader philosophy. Mobile content needs to be ever-changing, location based, and shareable on social networks. Delivering unique content based on location and demographics needs to be easy and fast. Often apps are controlled by the software company who built them allowing little to no flexibility for the brand. The mobile terrain is difficult to navigate with such a static outlet. Look at the option of a Smart Sites/ QR Code campaign. This gives brands the ability to change content in real time and manage 100's pages specifically focussed on targeted groups.

Smart Sites are "micro" web pages formatted for ALL mobile browsers. These sites are content rich and drama free. NO banner adds or spam, just targeted, shareable information. Smart Sites are giving advertisers the ability to be flexible and transparent with shoppers, which is exactly what they deserve. Using QR codes as hyperlinks in the physical world to access Smart Site content will dominate the next couple years as the new territory of opportunity in advertising. The mobile web just turned 6 years old! It hasn't even started 1st grade yet!

Tappinn Smart Site Building Platform makes publishing mobile content to the web is a breeze. Create and deploy sites in minutes! Create catalogs of Smart Sites for each product and attach QR codes to packaging, displays, signage, magazines and newspapers. Engage shoppers in the retail environment with QR codes linking physical to digital. Allow shoppers to TappInn to your products and share them with the world. www.tappinn.com

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