Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Assesment of Scanlife in Esquire

I am not a fan of proprietary barcodes or the content they are connected with. Scanlife's EZcode is a matrix code (or 2D bar code) created by ETH Zurich and was exclusively licensed to Scanbuy in 2006. EZcodes are not open like QR codes although they have been successful in getting early placements in widely distributed publications. Most other Scanlife campaigns I've seen lead users directly to a video.

Featured in the March issue of Esquire in the style pages, EZcodes give readers the opportunity to buy clothes out of the magazine if they scan the code associated with the product. Users are directed on their mobile phone to an uneventful landing page where they have the option to buy as well read style tips linking to Esquire's regular website. I was ultra unimpressed
. This is a step forward for the sake of awareness but there are many more opportunities outside the closed doors of Scanlife.

Here is a screen shot of the landing page for the suede boots. Blah! It can't even read, "Buy THEM now." Where's the connection here? I could go on and on about this but I'm going to save it. Tappinn will speak for itself.

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