Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Designer QR Code Makes TV History!!

During ABC's final episode of LOST, you may have caught an ad for the upcoming season of True Blood. This was no ordinary promo. The 30 second spot featured a flash of a custom QR code at the end. Fans can use DVR devices like TIVO to freeze the commercial and scan the code from their television.

I LOVE it. This is TV history!!

Although most probably missed this opportunity because the concept in still unknow, I see an extremely bright future for designer QR codes on TV.

Warbasee Design created the True Blood designer QR code and the mobile user experience. They have a track record for creating cutting edge mobile campaigns with QR codes for Hollywood. most recently the Iron Man 2 promo with QR.

"The goal behind this strategy is to extend the conversation," said Philip Warbasse -CEO Warbasse Design. "If you take a 30 second commercial and add a 2D barcode to it, you are effectively you are effectively extending your time with the audience. For now, it's a clever way to make the commercial last longer, " continues Warbasse, "but, soon QR codes will become the preferred method for television advertisers to deliver extras to interested viewers."

Amen to that, Philip! Here is the clip, oh and by the way, custom QR codes rock!

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