Sunday, January 23, 2011

TIME Magazine QR Codes on Billboards

Pictures of a TIME Magazine QR Code billboard advertisement on 51st and Broadway near Times Square in New York City. These designer QR Codes, created by SET Japan, have been popping up within the pages of TIME magazine for months, linking readers to additional (non-mobile) web content. While I'm definitely a fan of seeing TIME Magazine use QR codes, the same cannot be said about my impression of the overall effort. While these QR codes may look "cool", the content connected to them in underwhelming from a mobile context. Also, most SET codes are NOT friendly to majority of popular QR code readers, most notable, ScanLife. So in essence, you have an enormous billboard in New York City featuring a 'designer QR code' that can't be read by a majority of readers, and links to a generic non-mobile website. Meh.


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  2. Simple but unique. That's great thing about billboards. You can pretty much do whatever you want but still the message is clear.

  3. WOW. Amazing QR artwork! allows you to create a dynamic QR code and graphically change it to make it your OWN. It really has lots of cool utilities.. I personally use it to manage my clients QR portfolios.. let you see a statistics report.
    Very cool.

  4. Most useful QR code is one which is a call to action or slogan URLised (

    The URL must be printed just below the QR code so if someone does not have the time or ability
    to scan (95% of mobile potential customers) then they can at least remember the URL and type it in as they taxi home or look up on their desktop after getting home.
    Of course the landing page must be mobilized ( a dot MOBI or dot TEL) .TEL is a lot more useful and can be set up in minutes.
    It is estimated that this will return a 30-40 percent scan/read rate as against a 5% scan rate.

  5. sorry, to be clear, the QR code represents the URL

  6. If the code is only slightly altered is it still a Maze QR or does it need to be completely tailored?
    Anyone know?