Monday, December 13, 2010

The Ultimate QR Code For Business Cards by Tappinn

QR codes on business cards is not a new concept. Codes have been randomly popping up on the business cards of computer geeks and "techies" for over 2 years. Used in a variety of ways, QR codes on business cards are usually linked to a company website OR contain contact information (vCard) which can be downloaded instantly to the phone. This makes tons of sense given that the ultimate objective of TODAY's business card should be to land in someones digital contact manager (Outlook) or be bookmarked, followed, friended or mapped. The FASTEST way to allow this from a 2inch by 3inch piece of paper is to use a QR code, NO DOUBT! This can only be true if done correctly though. Let's look at all of the ways QR codes are being used on business cards  to understand the landscape.     

Common functions of QR codes used on business cards. 

-QR Code links to companies website (mobile or non mobile) 
-QR Code links to a Facebook profile 
-QR code links to Twitter page 
-QR code links to a blog 
-QR Code links to Linkedin profile 
-QR code links to Google Maps coordinates 
-QR code contains contact info (vCard)

This list is meant to give a snapshot of how QR codes are being used on business cards and the thought behind it. Tappinn has recognized that ALL of these QR code functions are important but much too static and inefficient by themselves.

Introducing the "Code Card", the ultimate QR code for professional business cards that includes all of the above and much more. Code Cards are created on the Tappinn platform and include a suite of analytics and custom design options that make them special to each Code Card holder. In essence, Code Cards team QR codes with a trackable, custom mobile "landing page" that includes your contact info, website, social profile links, phone prompts, logo, photos, map, Vcard and easy sharing function including a Facebook "like" button. This QR code solution ensures that your business card can be used as viable new tool for connecting with contacts in 2011.

Build "Code Cards" with an unlimited subscription to Tappinn BEYOND the CODE


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