Wednesday, June 22, 2011

User Submission Forms on Tappinn

Tappinn offers subscribers an easy tool to collect user information from custom submission forms (e.g. name, email) within their mobile tagging campaigns. User submission forms or data capture "sign ups" (e.g. enter to win, coupon) are a fundamental element to mobile content and strategy. Tappinn has made building forms and collecting new contacts from mobile tagging campaigns a snap.

User submission forms or "sign ups" from mobile tagging are a way to capture user information while allowing a response transaction from the brand by offering a mobile coupon or an exclusive discount in return. This exchange can take 10 seconds and deliver value to both parties. Below are a couple examples of how to utilize these sign up forms within your mobile tagging efforts. Check em out! 

Alles Tire is using a submission form within their mobile page that allows users to submit their name and email in exchange for a coupon from Alles Tire for a $9.95 oil and filter change. Both Alles Tire and the user who scans will get something.  Below is a link to the example by Alles Tire.

Another way to incorporate forms is by allowing sign up for catalog requests or to “opt-in” to a newsletter. Raymond Weil (Swiss watch brand) has included a sign up within their mobile tagging website that allows users to fill out their name and address to receive a catalog in the mail and get included on their email newsletter. Raymond Weil gets to increase their mailing list while users receive a new catalog of hot watch deigns in the mail. Click the link to see Raymond Weil catalog request mobile page.

Getting scanners to sign up for news and events is a fantastic way to kick start your mobile tagging site. Use the examples above as inspiration. Give users something valuable enough in return and they will be willing to give up their info and opt-in to get it.

Below are enhanced screen shots from the platform as a step by step visualization of how to build user submission forms on Tappinn. 


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