Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tappinn - Opportunities for Designers and Entrepreneurs

Mobile web design and management can be EASY. Publishing sites.....EASY. QR code generation and deployment ....EASY.

How? One word....Tappinn

Anybody who sees themselves as WEB SAVVY and CREATIVE can be a ROCK STAR on Tappinn.

It has become increasingly easier to start a business and build a personal brand. Age requirements have become obsolete. The digital age has brought forth a new species on entrepreneur who blends hustle and talent with design. These digital entrepreneurs often carry an array of web skills and a clear grasp of social networks. These skills are priceless to the right company.

Tappinn had invited these "digital dreamers" to participate in a "mobile movement"

The Tappinn platform lends itself to agencies and entrepreneurs who can add value to their clients by building dynamic, "touch" friendly mobile pages that can be deployed and tracked using QR codes.

Become a QR code expert. Manage and track mobile campaigns for multiple clients. The more they use them, the more $ you make.

Businesses will soon realize that their web content NEEDS to go mobile. There will be a missive shift in the way this content is designed and distributed. This IS the opportunity. Circa 1994 lol

If this sounds interesting and you would like to learn more please call me at 269-217-8650


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