Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Early Show on CBS Explains QR Codes

The Early Show on CBS yesterday morning did this segment on QR codes. It's interesting that they are lumping all forms of 2-D barcodes into the "QR Code" category.


  1. It is very exciting that QR codes are becoming more common. With working in the retail environment, our customers are interested in this new technology. I can't wait to see where QR codes will be within the next few years!

  2. I first heard about QR codes a little over a month ago. I had absolutely no prior knowledge of these black and white square objects. Not until I learned about Now I'm learning more and more about QR codes and seeing them more often too. And it's happening fast.

    What I find interestig is telling people about them and seeing their faces when their mobile browser automatically pops up and takes them to the product/company site.
    I think, this simple fascination can benefit those marketing through QR codes.

    Parise, I am also looking forward to seeing what will come of the new technology in a few years.

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