Tuesday, March 30, 2010

AT&T Testing 2-D Barcode Readers On Phones

AT&T has announced that they will be testing 2-D barcode (QR code) readers on phones over the next few weeks with enterprise customers. AT&T will be using barcode scanning technology from Mobile Tag, which is a universal barcode scanner that reads several types of open 2-D codes. I expect that they will come to the same conclusion that we did. There is unlimited potential for this technology and this is only the beginning.


AT&T* today announced it will launch a Charter program in the coming weeks to test the use of 2D barcode scanners on AT&T mobile devices. The Charter program is being launched to test consumer response rates as well as the effectiveness of consumer barcode scanning technology as an interactive marketing vehicle.

Consumer barcode scanning represents the next generation of interactive targeted marketing, enabling advertisers to deliver relevant content and offers to consumers, as well as being a valuable and efficient tool for consumers to search for promotions and information using their mobile device. This technology can be used to scan traditional 1D barcodes, also known as UPC codes, as well as 2D barcodes.

AT&T is currently selecting up to 12 enterprise customers to participate in this charter program across key sectors including consumer packaged goods, retail, hospitality and financial services. The consumer barcode technology can be used across a variety of mediums including indoor and outdoor signage, packaging, catalogs, television, the internet, as well as traditional print and mail advertising. AT&T will use technology from Mobile Tag Inc., a provider of universal bar code reader technology.

AT&T will soon make available to consumers via download a mobile application to read the 2D barcodes on a variety of mobile devices across multiple platforms including Android, BlackBerry® and Windows®.

“We’re excited to work with some of our key business clients to develop this new solution for consumer engagement, which is one of the most innovative solutions to come out of the mobile application space,” said Joe Lueckenhoff, senior vice president, product management, wireline and mobility services, AT&T Business Solutions. “Our vision is to provide our business customers with the ability to reach their target customer in an interactive and direct manner, while preserving consumer choice and control over their mobile experience.”

This new 2D barcode charter program will provide AT&T and its customers with a better understanding of the marketing and advertising potential that 2D barcodes offers. AT&T will work closely with customers participating in the program to measure results and participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback.

“The last decade has seen a dramatic shift in the way consumers use their mobile phones to interact with the world around them,” said Michael Liard, Practice Director, RFID and Bar Code at ABI Research. “We have witnessed mobile marketing campaigns evolve from basic SMS campaigns to content-rich 2D barcode-enabled mobile applications such as mobile couponing and information delivery. Mobile barcodes can extend the marketing reach of any retailer or enterprise, serving as a permission-based way for consumers to engage directly with a company or brand.”


  1. The industry has been saying all along that 2010 would be the year of mobile. Here's more evidence to that fact. It's inevitable that all product tags, print ads, displays and packaging will have qr codes in the future. Marketers need to wake up.

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