Monday, March 29, 2010

Content Create, QR Code Generate

Tappinn is a web platform to create mobile content and generate QR codes. Users can dynamically create mobile pages for customized environments QUICKLY, and measure results based on a number of features built into the sites. Update pages in real time to keep them fresh and shareable.

Teaming page creation with QR code generation will ultimately offer the best analytic solution for your mobile campaigns. Everything will lead BEYOND the CODE. The data collected from followers will only come from the action taken beyond the codes. This "action" taken by users needs to be managed and tracked for optimum results. Engaging users with unique content will ultimately lead to better data from them.

QR codes and Tappinn QR-CRM

Analytic data is important to any mobile campaign using QR codes (page views, code scans, shares ect.) Equally as important, is the collection of "followers" or "user stats" accumulated by a brand using QR codes through multiple outlets. This data can be accumulated through "form data" pages and other user related contests or sweepstakes. Also popular, through "become and fan" and "follow us" buttons on landing pages.

The term "follower" is used loosely but needs to be taken seriously. These followers are usually introduced through a social network such as Twitter or Facebook and allowed to view your conversations with others in the network. Brands can build cred with early social followers which will lead to more info (name, age, likes, dislikes ect). When thinking of CRM, the term "followers" doesn't get much play. This is the new social foundation that brands need to build on. Tappinn QR-CRM is the first platform to allow social contact management and content deployment in the same portal.

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