Thursday, March 4, 2010

NYC Best Buy using QR Codes in Retail

Union Square, NYC. Users who unlock the code are taken to the Best Buy mobile website. I was disappointed. This could have been much more viral if the content was better suited to the environment. I will give specific examples later.

Advertisers and brands who are early adopters at incorporating QR codes or other 2-D barcodes into their marketing strategy need to focus on CONTENT and CONNECTION. Users who engage with your brand via the mobile web are interested share-able, friend-able and valuable info (target rich info) about your brand. Make it stick!


  1. With all that foot traffic- you'd hope they would be a bit more imaginative.

    Great blog- Thanks!


  2. Where is the call to action? We wrap our QR codes with what the mobile user needs to do... "Scan Our Business" or in Best Buys case maybe "scan our specials" or "scan to save"?

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