Friday, March 26, 2010

QR Code Chat on Twitter

I have been following a lot of the chat about QR codes on Twitter lately (more so since the Facebook announcement) . I've noticed some common trends with the users who have a negative view towards QR codes as a new technology. What these people are failing to see is that QR codes are not magic, they store URL's and other info, THAT'S IT! The negative experiences users have with them often lies in the CONTENT not being MOBILE. If a user takes the time to download an app to scan a code but doesn't view the content as valuable or targeted they will walk away with a bad taste in their mouth about QR codes. It wasn't the codes fault that the content sucked! The code did it's job by transmitting the info instantly. It was the content that caused the negative experience. The #1 benefit to QR codes is CONVIENECE, you don't have to type in long URL's on your mobile browser. The science is in the page that you are directed to!

Tappinn is a platform to build dynamic mobile web pages and deploy them using QR codes. Each page created on Tappinn is sharable and "friendable". Advertisers can now focus on creating great mobile content that users will be interested in based on the environment and context of the code. NO worries about weather or not it will look good on the user's mobile browser, Tappinn technology has assured that. Build mobile product pages within minutes and never look back! Since the code is usually attached to something, content can be targeted towards the physical media it's tagged to. QR codes are going to become mainstream soon. Advertisers who can create and publish the best mobile content, FAST, will win.

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