Monday, April 12, 2010

Hearts On Fire Connects With Bridal Shoppers Using QR Codes

{Press Release} BOSTON, MA -April 12, 2010

Hearts On Fire goes mobile in upcoming national print advertisements. The Company has partnered with Michigan -based mobile technology company, Tappinn, to create an innovative, new way to advertise in the print medium. A selection of Hearts On Fire print ads will feature engagement rings from their bridal line along with a mobile QR (quick response) barcode. Consumers will have the opportunity to reach a Hearts On Fire mobile site where they can view designs, share with friends, and engage in social media. The goal is to make it easy for consumers to learn more about Hearts on Fire products and create an experience that blends print with technology.

"We know our customers (especially our bridal customers) prefer to access information from their phone. This technology allows us to give them what they need and direct them to their closest Hearts On Fire retailer in the most efficient way possible. Plus, it is fun to use" says Caryl Capeci, VP of Marketing for Hearts In Fire.

"Smartphone users are connected at all times and can be the most viral for a brand. Web enabled smartphones have added an entirely new dimension to social media and Hearts On Fire has been early to recognize that" says Nicholas Ford, co-founder of  Tappinn. ( 

About Hearts On Fire 

The Hearts On Fire Company (HOF) is successfully building the pre-eminent consumer brand in the fine diamond jewelry business, powered by the pulsating energy of its extraordinary diamonds. Founded in 1996, Hearts On Fire has established a new industry standard for diamond cutting perfection, enabling the Company to become the world's fastest growing diamond brand. The company continues to redefine the industry through its extraordinary diamonds, sophisticated marketing and training programs and unique retail relationships. Hearts On Fire, The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond, is carried in 34 countries, including over 500 U.S. retail locations, as well as locations throughout the U.K, Aisa, and the Caribbean. For more information please visit

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Trisha Spillane- 617-912-5370

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