Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Norma Kamali Using Mobile EZ Codes To Enhance Shopping (Photos)

Norma Kamali is a New York fashion designer, famous for a variety of innovative designs over the past 30 years including the "sleeping bag" coat, a collection of style created from actual silk parachutes. 

Her store, located at 11 West 56th in New York City, has been the topic of conversation lately about something other than fashion, and was the real reason for my visit. Check out the segment on The Early Show about QR codes where they are featured #

The boutique is loaded with 2-barcodes. (EZcode by Scanlife) Shoppers can scan the EZcode with a Scanlife app and be directed to action, either to buy, or enter and win. When I scanned the codes I was directed to an Ebay mobile page for the item where I could buy it.

What struck me is how UN-noticeable the EZ code is, as opposed to real QR codes. EZ codes look more like a design than an actual source of mobile information. You decide. One thing is for certain, Norma Kamali can be credited as the FIRST retailer to implement 2-D code signage throughout a store in the United States. I like it.

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