Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gizmodo Got It Wrong, QR Codes Are Just Getting Started!

The "nerds" at Gizmodo (Adrian Covert) think QR codes are dead. WTF? Because of GOOGLE??  Tappinn BEYOND the CODE is here to set them straight. People have been waiting around for NFC (including us) for years. There is currently ONE device on the US market that is RFID enabled. Google is patenting an NFC app that I’m sure they can make money off of, unlike QR. You will STILL need to open an app and there will still need to be a visual indicator (place phone here) so it’s basically the same process but much harder (costly) to reproduce. Also, the iPhone 5 will NOT incorporate NFC this summer when its released so that will delay this even further. When the time is right we will slide into NFC but that will be awhile and even then there will be applications where barcode are still BEST. Including TV. This is my video response to the Gizmodo post making the same claim. If QR were dead you wouldn’t know it by the scans we are getting


  1. nah. Irresponsible journalism will get violent truth torpedoed.

  2. QR Code RULEZ!

  3. Just mentioned you on my blog Capt.! QR codes are brilliant! I teach with them & use them to promote our library program! Review my QR creds - can I be the official QR Code Librarian of the Galaxy??
    The Daring Librarian

  4. @TheDaringLibrarian Thank you so much!!! Comment anytime!

  5. Just a suggestion. Your arguments are more effective if you don't make fun of the name of the person you're criticizing. That's just childish. Otherwise, well presented.

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