Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mobile Marketing Innovation at MotoGP Featuring Models Wearing QR Codes.

The dust has settled at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca as the 2010 MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix is a fast memory. The 3-day event was capped off by a Jorge Lorenzo victory followed by a Terrell Owens like celebration. For those who don't know, MotoGP is the premier motorcycle racing world championship; an eighteen-race series visiting fourteen countries, four continents and with pan-global television coverage. It's a big F@#k-ing deal. There are only two races in the U.S every year.

The event was buzzing with brands like Ducati, Honda, Red Bull and Oakly who were all trying to stake their claim in the hearts of race fans with promotional materials and products. The culture was thriving off colorful logos and brand presences.

The most impressive marketing effort came from the Swiss watch brand, Tissot. As the official timekeeper, they had an outstanding visual presence around the track. Tissot also got to host fans in a tent located on the infield of the track where they were selling watches like the Nicky Hayden 2010 T-Race limited edition. Within the tent were all kinds of fun thing to entertain and engage fans. From hot models wearing QR codes to a big screen TV with Augmented Reality, Foursqaure checkins and even a Nicky Hayden autographed helmet giveaway entry. The Tissot tent was rockin to say the least!

Not only were girls wearing QR codes on their shirts, QR codes were also featured on stickers, counter displays and even bus wraps! All codes resolved to different pages depending on their placement. This is by far the most impressive QR code mobile marketing campaign at a public sporting event that has ever been executed (show me proof otherwise). I might be a little bias though....All powered by Tappinn. Check out the video of scanning QR codes off of a model's shirt.


The QR codes and mobile "SmartSite" featured

-Event schedules
-MotoGP race calender
-Nicky Hayden videos
-Nicky Hayden mobile wallpapers
-Map of the track
-Watch gallery and shareable product pages
-Buy now options on watches

A video of the mobile "SmartSite" demo is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy the pics!


  1. Thanks for sharing, really like your view. Waiting for some more great articles like this from you in the coming days.

  2. Check out these pics of these Wikkit Girls wearing qr codes/wikkits at 5 college football games across the country over Labor Day weekend:

  3. Great photos, do you know where I can buy Tissot products here in the states. Those photos are really amazing. Keep it up!

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