Friday, March 30, 2012

Sell Stuff With QR Codes Using PayPal Express Checkout on Tappinn Mobile Websites

Check out this great video by Tappinn introducing a PayPal express checkout option inside the mobile website builder. The new feature make it historically easy to sell products with QR codes and m-commerce landing pages.


  1. It’s easy to direct a visitor to the product or page on your website. No typing, no reading long URLs. Just point the smartphone camera at QR Codes.

  2. Awesome post.Learn how to incorporate QR codes in your web apps to deliver quick information directly to your users' mobile device

  3. The mobile tapping paypal express are so historical and commercial landing products. It is the best mobile code for the product devices.

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  4. To create full campaigns selling products using QR Codes, there's now a platform that can generate, shorten and track all scans & sales using QR Codes (including advanced geostatistics).

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