Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SoundCloud QR Codes on Tappinn

SoundCloud QR Codes and Mobile Landing Pages for Music Downloads. 

SoundCloud is an audio publishing platform that allows for easy audio and music promotion. Tappinn has just introduced a new feature that lets members embed SoundCould audio within their mobile websites and use QR codes to deliver them. QR codes and audio, such as music, are a great combination because music and mobility are hand in hand.

Scan the QR code to get an idea of how f**king cool this is. Anybody can build a mobile page with SoundCloud for free on Tappinn. Hopfully we see some creative applications using SoundCloud and QR codes in the future!


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  2. Qr code introduce a new website for the audio and mobility of the delivers. It is the best platform for the embed soundcards technology. The best creative applications are so Tappinn.

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