Sunday, January 9, 2011

Designer QR Codes by Tappinn

Branded QR codes are awesome. There are so many possibilities with QR codes from a design perspective to make them unique. This process involves time and testing which is a drawback especially for a GIANT QR code campaign that deploys 100's of unique codes on different medias. The initial days of generating a QR code for a generic website are over. Strategy and design innovation are taking this channel to new levels and blurring the lines between "traditional" and "new" media. Scan this QR code and see for yourself!


  1. These are awesome!

  2. No offense, but this is what will kill QR Code. What seperates QR from MS Tag? The black and white features that make it universally recognizable. Tags are having a difficult time mainstreaming into society because people are not familiar enough with them to recognize a "designer" Tag. Instead, lets focus on integrating the message and design of the material the QR Code is representing...your thoughts Nick?

  3. I completely understand your point of view but I only agree with some parts. Mobile page design should be the first and foremost focus of your effort... PERIOD. That point we agree on. My motto is actually BEYOND the CODE!... but let let me ask you a question..There are currently almost 100 apps that read QR codes, there is only ONE app that reads MS TAG. ONE! Why should QR code design innovation be held back by a propitiatory code with ONE friggin app? The fact is that clients are demanding this, the market is demanding this. You may believe that these code will go unrecognized, and some might initially, but maybe that was their intention. The 3 squares in squares are STILL recognizable. Honestly, I believe there will be an entire industry devoted solely around QR code designs like this as they become more incorporated in print advertising. QR Adaption will come no matter what, that is only a numbers game. They are NOT going away, with or without designer codes like these.You can't put a lid on something with SO many design possibilities. Thank you for your comment, last year I agreed with more of it. talk soon!

    Nick Ford
    Captain of the QR Code Galaxy

  4. B U tifull Bruce Almighty would say... I love the artistic value and to my opinion whenever you deliver extra value it will pay off, one way or the other, thanks captains!