Thursday, January 14, 2010

Android is Iphone "Chiller"

Google to eat Apple.

The Iphone is losing it! YES, I said it. Apple better come up with something, and FAST. After spending a solid week the the Nexus One, Android's newest device, I have adjusted my outlook on Apple's future in the mobile scene. The Nexus, which is positioned to become the RAZR of smartphones, beats the Iphone....straight up. (more on that later)

Card insert for Nexus One packaging

The Iphone has too much cache and better marketing right now for anyone to admit this defeat or even recognize it. This is NOT about " Devise vs. Devise" though..... That's another story. It's about the BIG picture and how Google is about to swallow Apple.

Handset manufactures and carriers are flocking to Google's mobile OS, Android. Why wouldn't they? Google has tied everything together! Their mobile OS is smooth and friendly. Everything they do embodies Google's ease and honesty, naturally this would carry into the mobile world. Can you imagine Apple's Google Maps being better than Google's Google Maps? Lol.

I have been and Iphone user since the beginning.

I LOVE my Iphone!

Just starting to see the momentum shift.


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