Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We are making connections daily. Friends we meet, blogs we read, brands we love, ect.. These connections represent who we are and what we like. We are PROUD of them. We crave constant updates from these connections. To maintain these relationships, WE FOLLOW them closely. We get to know them. (Age, Location, Phone, Address, Like and dislikes) We call on them to help us make decisions and get honest information about what they are experts on. Social sites such as Facebook and Twitter have introduced a new, faster way to maintain these connections and keep up to date with them. Short and sweet, but memorable and informational. Loaded with sharable content and our friends have already pre-approved. What’s stunning is the DEMAND coming for all of this! People are dying for more connections!! They want to connect with their favorite products/places/hobbies almost much as their friends. They are basically BEGGING for advertising.

Think about it. Who are you connecting to?

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