Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Nexus One Google Phone Opens Doors

Behold Google's Nexus One. The device manufacturer is HTC and the phone features Android 2.1, Google's mobile OS. Initially available on T-Mobile's network as well as unlocked. Google said the phone will also become available from Verizon in April as well. Customers can buy the phone now on a new Google Web page . It costs $530 unlocked, or $179 with a T-Mobile contract.

Offering the phone unlocked is a significant move by Google because it opens the door for a wave of web based phones to follow suit. The anticipation is that an open phone with a sophisticated web browser will yield more revenues from apps and other media to help supplement the cost of voice and data plans. It's a new model that will soon become popular.

Mobile commerce is still in it's infancy but this is a BIG step forward for the mobile community. Everybody is looking for an Iphone killer but that's not what this is about. We're interested to see how this model evolves.

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