Monday, January 18, 2010

Duratrans Should Be Simple, Fast and Effective

Duratrans are critical to any brand who is marketing savvy and has a retail presence. They can literally JOLT a shopper into your product with their life-like illumination. Placed in the right environment, they can be a powerful tool for brands to hammer home messages. Retailers featuring light boxes that are strategically placed throughout the store can influence shoppers and be a game changer in the decision making process. Shoppers are fragile when they enter your buy zone so deliver powerful images with clear messages, DO NOT confuse them with text and clutter. Great duratrans can augment the environment to favor YOUR BRAND. Fielding duratran requests from your retailers and recognizing where opportunities lie can literally be all the difference in how a store performs with your product. A MAJOR problem that brands face is that light boxes can be found in an wide variety of shapes and sizes causing a dizzying array of data for marketing coordinators to manage and process. Team this with robust roll-outs and layout customizations and you better grab some Tylenol. OR call The Duratran Co.

Traditionally brands would rely on their creative agencies to handle duratran production. Micro managemant of layouts and typical agency BS costs TIME and MONEY. If anybody starts to pay attention they realize that the agency charges you for EVERY layout as well as inflating the
duratran cost beyond recognition. In the days where companies had fat advertising budgets due to lack of competition, this was fine and dandy. We all know that today is different though. Brands need to be efficient with EVERY aspect of their image, especially duratrans. When looking for a company to print and process your duratran visual requests consider the following

1) How fast is fast?
-work with a company who archives your visuals and can provide quick custom layouts as needed
-48hours or less turn-around

2) NO layout fees
- you should only be charged for the duratran itself.
-adding retailer's logo and store specific text should fall into this category

-all orders should be followed up with a proof to eliminate errors
-keeps brands in the loop and is a safely net for mistakes

4) Online order management (most important)
-place and track orders online
-build profiles for stores to document sizes and history
-run reports based on creative, location, product and size

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