Thursday, January 7, 2010

The 5 Segments of Anywhere Consumers

The Yankee Group is the authority in wireless communication behavior. Their research is focused exclusively on the emergence of ubiquitous connectivity, what they call "Anywhere," and its effect on networks, consumers and enterprises. They have come up with 5 segments of "Anywhere" consumers. Here is a breakdown...

Analogs- This group has ZERO interest in connectivity. They avoid technology all together. Their VCR's still flash 12:00. lol!

2) Technophytes - Love cutting egde technology but doesn't have the disposable income to keep up with the latest and greatest. This group has the largest potenial as Anywhere devices come down in price. They see the value in connectivity but can't quite afford it.

3) Digital Shut-ins- This group has great interest in digital media in their homes but see's no need to take it with them when they aren't home. They basically shut themselves off to portable media and connected devices. Anywhere means any room in their house.

Outlet Jockeys- Perfer portable mobile devices to an at-home wired experience. These devices include satalitte radio, digital camcorders and mobile internet devices. They are most likely to evole into Actualized Anywheres.

Actualized Anywheres- May be the smallest segment (only 5%), but they are most important. They enthusiatically buy Anywhere products and are the most influential to the general population because people TRUST their feedback. Extrememly diverse group (race and age)

Where do you fit?

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